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Terms & Conditions and Booking Form

“We” are:

Michaella Brown trading as Kayla Brown of 12 Woodside, Ashley Road, Walton on Thames, KT12 5HT


“You” are:

The customer or customers that received the proposal (where more than one person, they shall be jointly and severally liable).

(“The Client”)

  1. Definitions

In this agreement:

“The Assignment”          means the project of work, goods and services set out in the proposal.

“The Event”                  means the event where the Assignment is to be delivered by Kayla.

  1. Price and payment

2.1.     Price for the Assignment is set out in the quotation (“the Price”) There is no VAT.

2.1.1   Prices charged are per person, and any additional services for additional family or friends added to the Assignment shall attract further fees.

2.1.2   The Price includes advice and guidance about haircare and styling products, advice on application and use and the delivery of hair styling services, and all ancillary services to complete the Assignment.

2.1.3   The Price excludes any expenses that will be incurred by Kayla, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties.

2.2.     A deposit (“the Deposit”) of £50.00 shall be paid upon entering this agreement, and must be paid within 7 days of confirming your booking.  The Deposit is to secure the date for the delivery of the Assignment and the preparation time required to deliver the Assignment. Kayla’s invoice for the Deposit will follow – please refer carefully to Clause 4. An agreement is not formally in place until the deposit has been paid, and the booking form has been returned. A deposit of £50.00 or £25.00 will be required for each additional hair required to fulfil the Assignment.

2.3      The Price and the Deposit shall be the Fees charged by Kayla. The Client shall pay Kayla the balance of the Fees (the Price less the Deposit) 6 weeks before the Event and all Fees shall be paid in advance in full via BACS.

2.4       The trial payment is due 1 week before the agreed trial date via BACS.

2.5       For Single Bride bookings, a supplement of £50.00 will be added to your booking.

2.6       All weekend wedding bookings have a minimum booking fee of £270.00 for the wedding day. Should the number of treatments (listed above) decrease, the total balance must not fall below the £270.00 minimum booking fee.

2.7        All wedding bookings will carry a £270.00 Minimum booking fee for the wedding day for Kayla’s Services.

2.8        Failure to make payment at any stage will result in the cancellation of your booking.

  1. Travel Expenses

3.1.     The Price excludes any expenses that will be incurred by Kayla, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. The Price also excludes any travel expenses to the Event, when the Event is being held within mainland UK but is outside a 20-mile radius from Kingston Upon Thames. Travel is charged at £0.45p per mile from Kayla’s base (KT12) and return.

3.2      For a booking that requires Kayla to start travelling before 6.30am and is over 60 miles from Kayla’s home address, accommodation expenses will be incurred.

3.3      Congestion Charge: Travelling inside the congestion charge zone is payable by The Client. Any congestion zone charges will be added to your wedding day balance invoice.

3.4      Parking: Expenses are charged at cost to the client. Travel by Public Transport, Rail or Air: Expenses are charged at cost to the client. This will be discussed and agreed with The Client during the booking process. Kayla will always endeavour to find the most cost-effective option.

  1. Cancellation of agreement and the Deposit

4.1.     Once the Deposit has been paid, the Assignment can be cancelled by either party in writing or by email subject to the matters set out in this clause.

4.2      If Kayla cancels the Assignment, the Fees paid at the time of cancellation will be repaid to the Client within 14 days of cancellation and no further sum or compensation will payable to the Client by Kayla arising from such cancellation.

4.3      In the unlikely event that Kayla is unable to make your wedding appointment due to a personal emergency, an act of god, or severe illness, Kayla will endeavour to find an alternative Hair Stylist who she is happy to recommend. The replacement Artist will receive a full brief and any products required that they might not have in their kit.

4.4      Client Cancellation

4.4.1   If the Client cancels the Assignment within 14 days of entering into this agreement, then the Deposit shall be repaid to the Client in full.

4.4.2   If the Client seeks to cancel this Assignment 14 days after entering this agreement but more than 6 weeks before the Event then the Deposit shall be forfeited, any expenses incurred as at the date of cancellation must be paid by the Client, and those paid shall also be non-refundable. No further sums will be due from the Client to Kayla.

4.4.3   If the Client cancels this Assignment within 6 weeks or less of the Event, then the Fees in full plus any expenses incurred as at the date of cancellation (less any monies paid) shall be due to Kayla.

4.4.4   Cancellations for services booked where travel and/or accommodation expenses have been paid for by Kayla are non-refundable.

4.4.5   Cancellations are only deemed valid if received in writing. The fee is always agreed via email, verbal agreements are not offered as they are not deemed valid by Kayla.

4.4.6   Should you need to cancel any appointment, please notify Kayla as soon as possible.

  1. The Assignment.

5.1      Kayla reserves the right to use images of her work during the Assignment for marketing, promotional, competition and editorial purposes. If you do not wish to give consent to this use of the work or your image, then you must confirm this by email within 14 days of entering into this agreement.

5.2      Trial sessions – Kayla is not available for trials at a weekend, as her full attention is on her gorgeous brides on their special day. Travel expenses for the trial will be charged at 45p per mile if the journey exceeds a 20 mile radius from KT12. Congestion and parking charges apply where necessary

5.3     Trial sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday with a booking slot of 2hrs 30mins allocated to each single Bride.

5.4      Group Bookings for Trials: If other members of your bridal party are having trials then Kayla will arrange a trial that is long enough to accommodate all parties where possible. N.B; this availability it subject to other appointments already booked in.

5.5      Maximum Time Allocation for Trials: The maximum time that Kayla can spend on any one trial is 2hrs 30mins for a Hair trial booking. Any additional time required for trial sessions will be booked as a repeat trial.

5.6      Repeat Trials: If a second Hair trial is requested, the same fee applies as for the first trial.

5.7      Trials should be attended by the Bride and ONLY one other person or the agreed additional persons having a hair trial . No children under 16 years old are allowed to be present at the trial unless agreed otherwise in writing.

5.8      Trials are recommended to be undertaken at least 3 months before the Event. They usually need to be booked in advance 6 months before the Event.

5.9      Once a trial is booked it can only be re-arranged with a minimum of 7 days’ notice. If less than 7 days’ notice is given by the Client to rearrange a trial appointment, then the client will incur the full fee for the trial service(s) to cover the lost appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: During peak season (March – October) Kayla’s diary is extremely busy and, should you need to rearrange your trial, there may be limited availability.

5.10    Date changes to the Event must be submitted in writing and the new date is subject to availability. If the new date cannot be accommodated by Kayla, this will constitute a cancellation and clause 3 will apply.

5.11    Changes to your original booking: Final numbers receiving Hair services at the Event must be confirmed in writing to Kayla from the Client no less than 7 days after the trial. If numbers subsequently increase, Kayla reserves the right to increase the quoted Price accordingly. If numbers subsequently decrease, there will be no discount and the Price shall be charged in full. Kayla must be notified by email of any changes to your original booking as soon as possible.

5.12    If the start time for a booking is amended to be later than in the initial Agreement, however, the finish time is to remain the same, or your departure time for the ceremony is brought forward, or if a booking is requested that Kayla believes will not to be possible for one person due to time constraints, an assistant to the Hair Stylist can be booked for an additional £80.00 per Event.

5.13    Kayla reserves the right to refuse services to the Client, or any connected person, if they show symptoms of any infectious condition, or use, or threaten, abusive or inappropriate behaviour.

5.14    Kayla reserves the right to use the additional services and assistance of other Hair Stylists, if it is necessary to deliver the Assignment.

5.15    If hair extensions are required for the chosen hairstyle, they are charged at £70.00 to hire or from £140.00 to purchase.

5.16    To hire extensions an £80.00 deposit must be paid in advance as well as the £70.00 charge. The deposit is refunded upon their return. Please ensure extensions are returned via recorded delivery to Kayla’s home address within 4 weeks of the wedding/event.

5.17    When returning extensions by post, The Client should include their details to make it easy to establish who they are from. Please include your Name, Wedding Date & Bank Details so Kayla can refund your deposit.

5.18    Kayla reserves the right to withhold or amend the refunded amount based on her assessment of the condition of the returned extensions and the time taken for them to be returned.

  1. Allergies

6.1      Kayla will not be held responsible for any allergies or reactions caused by our goods.

6.2      It is The Client’s responsibility to inform Kayla of any potential issues such as, but not limited to, medical conditions, allergies, and/or sensitivities at the time of booking or at the latest 14 days before the Event. Kayla cannot be held liable for any condition that arises or loss incurred by The Client if The Client has not informed Kayla of any known conditions as stated above, or of any conditions unknown to The Client at the time of the service.

6.3      If any member of the bridal party does have a known allergy, skin sensitivity, Kayla highly recommends a consultation/trial. If, on the rare occasion that any of the bridal party have any contagious skin infections or any contagious condition, Kayla will refuse treatment.

  1. General Conditions

7.1      Verbal or email instructions by the Client to proceed will constitute an acceptance in full of these Terms and Conditions.

7.2      The Fees will be paid after invoices rendered from time to time. No VAT is applicable. Payment terms are 7 days, and payment is not deemed to have been made until the Fees have been paid in full. If payment is not made in full and within time, the services may be suspended and payment in advance may be required before the services are re-commenced.

7.3      Kayla reserves the right to require some or all of the Fees to be paid in advance of the commencement of the services where applicable and agreed in writing. If payment is not made in accordance with the above clauses, Kayla reserves the right to charge an administration fee of £50 to late payments together with interest at the rate prescribed by the Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1998 from the date payment was due until the date payment is made.

7.4      Each party will keep the confidential information of the other party and any third party confidential and secret, and only use it for the purposes of supplying the services or making proper use of the services. Each party recognises and accepts its obligations with regard to the control and the processing of personal data under the current data protection legislation and regulations. For more information on this, please see our Privacy Notice on our website.

7.5      Kayla will use reasonable care and skill in performing the services.

7.6      Kayla’s liability in respect of any loss of good will, loss of business, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of use or for any other consequential, special or indirect loss or damage will be NIL.

7.7      In respect of any other direct losses (in Contract or Tort) the total liability of Kayla will not exceed the return of all payments received, and thus the limit of liability shall not exceed the value of the services provided.

7.8      Nothing in these Terms will exclude or limit liability for death or serious injury caused by Kayla’s negligence.

7.9      Kayla has public liability cover and is fully insured by Accelerant.

7.10    The services may be terminated if payment of the Fees is not made in accordance with these terms, or if the Client commits a material breach of any of these terms and fails to remedy the breach within 14 days of being notified in writing, or if the Client enters into any form of insolvency arrangement. Upon termination the Client shall immediately pay any outstanding sums to Kayla.

7.11    Kayla shall not be liable for any breach of contract due to force majeure.

7.12    Nothing in these terms are intended to create a partnership or joint venture between Kayla and the Client, and no party has the right to act as agent for the other or to bind the other party in any way.

7.13    These terms and any dispute arising from them shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

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